Getting around the Facebook algorithms


I’ve been wanting to do longer posts and add more pictures but Facebook has decided that they don’t like that.  Apparently they’ve decided that if they think a post is too “Advertizy” that’s not a word but I’m using anyway, it is to make the business pages “Boost” their posts, and of course, they charge for that.  I don’t want my faithful followers and friends to miss anything .

So as you can see, when you click on my post, it will bring you right here to my blog and you are able to see the rest of what I have to say and show you more pictures.  Today, I don’t have much to say but, at least I’ve been able to figure out how to do it!

Thanks for being my followers and friends.


Sherry  😀


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Just another test

New Store Colours :)

New Store Colours 🙂  I just wanna see if putting this here will work for the other stuff I want it to link to.  Sorry for the interruption… I expect there will be more.


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Laugh out loud fun!

Grown Up Girls! When was the last time you got together with your girlfriends and laughed so hard you cried?!
Now you can experience that incredible feeling of laugh-out-loud fun with our trivia card game – About Us, Grown Up Girls Edition.
Created with fascinating research involving women 18 and up, and populated with little-known facts about female trailblazers, it’s a wonderful way to spend time with your besties! A fun gift for grown up girls of ALL ages, too!

They will be available next week! Get yours and have a great time with your BFF’s and a bottle of wine… or two 😀

About Us Games





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Yee Haw! We’re Having a Summer Sale!

*imagine this said in a western twang*

Come on down folds to Sherry’s on Main and get yourself a real BARGOON!  ALL our Western Stock is up to 50% OFF!  That’s right folks I said up to 50% Off.

*ok you can stop the twang now*

Everything is on Sale,

Mens & Ladies Western Wear,

Kingman modelIncluding Ely Walker Western Shirts

Black Wool Felt Hats,

Hat Bands,

Belt Buckles

And More.

Sorry Ladies, the hunk doesn’t come with them.

We also have lots of Western Gift Ware at up to 50% OFF!  Signs, Clocks, Picture Frames, Candle Holders, Stars.

If it looks Western it’s on SALE!  Yee Haw!



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Thank Goodness For Digital Cameras!

We’ve had a extremely hot summer with little rain.  There have been the odd shower here and there, some of them so light you had run around in it to get wet.  Either that or it was a complete downpour that lasted between 3 and 5 minutes or so.  This last Sunday night I was awakened by thunder and lightning.  I took myself downstairs to look out our French doors that leads to our patio to watch the rain.  Nope, no rain.  So I stepped outside just to watch the lighting.  It was sheet lightning and the way it lit the clouds from behind was quite a sight.  The weekend before Brian and I were at the MoFo Fireworks Festival and, of course, when it got dark they set off fireworks!  Doh, bet ya didn’t see that one coming! 😀  I had my camera and I got some really great shots of them.








Even though I had no idea how to use the fireworks setting I figured I didn’t do too bad.  With this in mind I figured I could do the same thing with lightning.  I grabbed my camera, switched it to the fireworks setting, and started shooting away.  I was up till well after midnight shooting and shooting all the while tracking the lightning as it moved in the sky from  left to right.  Still no rain.  All this time my camera was going chu, chu, chu, chu, chu… well I don’t know how to spell the sound a camera makes, but I’m sure you know what I mean.  With no exaggeration I shot well over 1000 images.

Monday morning I brought my camera to the store to upload them to my computer in quiet anticipation of what I would find…  This was it…


Ya know it takes quit a bit of time to delete almost 1000 photos… Then suddenly, what’s that?  Did I actually manage to capture something?!  I think maybe I did… Here it is!!!DSCN0982

Well, maybe not.  😦  That’s just a picture of the neighbours house.  But if you squint quite right and stick your tongue out to the right side of your mouth, you may just be fooled like I was initially.  Oh well, keep deleting.

Then, ya know what? I actually managed to shoot something!  After over 1000 shots, did I mention that it was over 1000 shots.  What? What could it be?!   OMG, I got the perfect photo of sheet lightning behind the clouds!  Really, I did!  Don’t know how, but here it is!



I know it just looks like a daylight picture, but I’m not pulling your leg!  This is a genuine shot of sheet lightning lighting up the sky and clouds!  And that’s exactly how bright it made the night!  😀

So I guess the lesson of this story is… I should really get out the instructions for my camera and figure out how to use it, I may manage to get more than one shot next time.   Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Oh, and thank goodness for digital cameras!




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Myrna Sheppard, Watercolour Artist! Update.

Right here in MoFo, we have a new artist who has been keeping her light under a barrel!  Thank goodness her husband helped her pluck up the nerve to bring her pieces into the store!  She does incredible watercolour paintings.  The first ones sold so quickly (2 days) that I wasn’t even able to take a photo of it!  This time I was quicker with my shutter finger and here are her latest 2 paintings for your perusal.  Each piece is one One Of A Kind.  No prints, no copies just one beautiful painting, framed, matted, signed and dated by the artist, that can be all yours.    Aren’t they wonderful?

“Lady in Hat” frame size 12.25″ x 15.25″  and painting size 7.5″ x 10″    Price: $70.00

Lady in Hat








Myrna Elephant“Grey Eephant” frame size 12″ x 14″  painting 9.5″ x  7.5″  Price: $70.00  SOLD

If you want one of these beauties, email me at

Also you can keep informed with all the new happenings on my Facebook page, come on over and like it… yeah, you know you want to 😀

TTFN until I have something useful to say.


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Sorry Folks

I haven’t updated this page in ages.  I’m going to have to do some major editing of this blog and its previous posts.  As with most small businesses things change, some items stay and some things are no longer available.  If you are interested in anything I currently have for sale at the store please go to my website,, it’s in its infancy right now but is being worked on, or go to, and like, my Facebook page,

I’m sorry for the confusion but sometimes life gets in the way or sometimes I’m just lazy.  😛

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