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Ah, Iced Tea!

For the long lazy days of summer, when it’s hotter than hades out, what is more refreshing than a tall cool glass of ice tea.  Some of you may say beer, but I don’t drink beer so I don’t know much about it other than I don’t like it… so, let’s talk iced tea.

Did you know that iced tea actually has many benefits?  Yep, it does.  Here’s a few.

  1. It keeps you Hydrated… yeah, I know duh, but did you also know that tea is one of the best sources of hydration, second to water!
  2. It boosts your Antioxidants… tea has about eight to 10 times the polyphenol antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.
  3. It’s better for you than pop… yeah, another duh moment but get this, A 12-ounce can of regular Coke contains 39 grams of total sugar, which is about 9 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and 140 calories. Twelve ounces of unsweetened iced tea has 0 teaspoons of sugar and 2 calories.
  4. It may help your Teeth… drinking tea may help prevent tooth loss; tea changes the pH in your mouth, which may prevent cavities.
  5. It provides a source of Manganese… you may be asking yourself, why do I want manganese, well I’ll tell ya.  Manganese promotes healthy wound healing, helps maintain the strength of your bones and supports your metabolism.
  6. It helps your Heart…a comprehensive review study found a nearly 20 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack and a 35 percent reduced risk of stroke among those who drank one to three cups of green tea daily. Those who drank four or more cups of green tea daily had a 32 percent reduction in the risk of having a heart attack and lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

Pretty good huh, all that from drinking tea, and it’s tasty too!

Now lets get to the brewing of iced tea.  Yeah, I know, how hard can it be to make ice tea?  That’s the beauty of it! It’s not hard at all!!!

You can throw a couple of teabags into a pot, brew it then add more water and ice.  Since I prefer flavoured loose leaf tea I’ll tell ya how I do it.

The Cold Steep Method   This method creates a super smooth, flavourful iced tea with less caffeine.

Use about 1.5x the amount of tea you would per cup of hot tea. So, for 1 cup (8oz) of cold water, use 1.5tsp of tea. Let’s say you’re making a 1L (about 33oz)  jug of iced tea:

  • measure out 6 tsp of tea
  • fill the jug with cold water
  • put the jug in the fridge for 4-10 hours (overnight is easy)
  • strain out the leaves and drink!

My favourite is Bohemian Raspberry Green.  The flavour of the raspberry really comes through with the smooth green tea notes and personally I prefer it unsweetened.  Wanna be all swanky when guests come by and look like you are the perfect housewife, you know that June Cleaver look, add some ice cubes, toss in a few raspberries and a sprig of mint and you guest will be wondering, How does she do it?

The Hot Steep Method  Oh No!  The guests have arrived and I don’t have any iced tea made… not to worry, you can make almost instant iced tea by first making a double strength cup of hot tea. Just make sure you’ve got ice in the freezer.

  • use double the amount of loose tea per cup of water. So, 2 tsp of tea per 8oz cup. Steep as per the tea’s normal steeping guidelines
  • remove the leaves
  • if you want it sweet, add your sweetener while it’s hot so it dissolves
  • pour your double strength hot tea into a cup of ice and enjoy!

Number 2 on my list of favs is Long Island Strawberry Green.  Just opening up the bag gives you the fragrance of fresh strawberries.  Dress this one up with a strawberry cut and put on the edge of the glass with a sprig of mint and your guests will be all “Ooooh, yummy!”

And now for the really fun part…  Adult Iced Tea!  This is one you reserve for special occasions like, hmm, I’m thirsty, or a back yard bbq, or even those really special occasions, like say, an outdoor wedding reception.

Prepare your favourite tea with one of the methods above and simply add the booze of your choice.

  • Blueberry infused vodka with Blueberry Green tea
  • Chambourd Liqueur with a good quality vodka to really bump up the refreshing taste of Bohemian Raspberry tea
  • Moscato with Oasis Mango White tea

Or just add whatever tickles your fancy.  Like bourbon? add bourbon, whiskey? what the h…  you get the idea

Garnish it the way you like and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer refresher.

I carry over a dozen flavours of loose tea and some hand tied artisan for any occasion and any tastebud.  Packages are available in 25, 50 or 100gm bags.  Call or message to learn about the different types and flavour profiles, or if you are local just drop in. As an added bonus, when you purchase any 100g bag you’ll receive a 25g bag of your choice FREE!




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Looking for Gemstone Jewelry?

I have always carried a variety of handcrafted jewelry pieces, Necklaces and/or Earrings.

Now I have recently acquired a consignment of Cultured Gemstone Necklaces, set in Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver Chains!

I am a horrible picture taker so let’s hope these photos do them justice.  Let’s have a look.

26 CT Tanzanite, 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 1 2/3″ Long

20 inch Sterling Silver chain





24 CT Fire Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 1 1/3″ Long

20 inch 925 Silver Chain

$89.99  SOLD







The first photo of this peridot shows the detail better but the colour is much lighter as in the second picture.

22 CT Hand Carved Peridot 925 SolidSterling Silver Pendant 1 3/4 Long

20″ 925 Silver chain

$89.99  SOLD








Stirling Silver wire wrapped Ruby

18 inch 925 Silver chain

$89.99  SOLD





Stirling Silver wire wrapped Emerald

18 inch 925 Silver chain

$89.99  SOLD


If you are interested in any of these pieces contact my at

Shipping $15.00

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Aromatherapy Pendants

Our aromatherapy pendants just arrived from Pixie Glass Works in my store!

These exquisite pendants were featured on Dragon’s Den.  Each piece is created by an expert glass blower in Vancouver British Columbia! Each one is unique making it a One of a Kind piece of art that you can carry with you.  Simply fill it with one of the essential oil aromatherapy blends and enjoy the fragrance that surrounds you.


They are available in a range of styles from Clear glass to Sand Blasted Designs in every colour of the rainbow!

The essential oil blends are:

Relax: soft, calming and balancing

Passion:  an aphrodisiacal blend that is sultry , deductive, deep and rich

Energize:  stimulating fresh and crisp.

Refresh:  uplifting and invigorating

Fortify:  cleansing and clearing.

Come by and choose your very own piece of fragrant art!

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Tea of the Month

Each month I’ll be featuring a new tea for you to try out.


Oasis Mango White TeaThe tea for the chilly month of February is Oasis Mango White Tea



Our Tea Of The Month for February is.

Oasis Mango White,
Ever had a ripe tropical mango picked within 5 minutes of perfection? This is the tea. Mango abounds and the mellow character notes of natural white tea accentuates the experience. The flavor is delicate and round with light honey notes, deep hits of mango and a lightly astringent finish.

100 gm $10.00 plus two free one cup sample teas.


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It’s Almost Christmas!


Don’t let this be YOU!!

There are great reasons for when they say “Shop Small, Shop Local”.  These are just a few, so you don’t have to be stuck in traffic, crammed shoulder to shoulder in the big department stores or finding only one of what you are looking for and someone else already has their hand on it!  So, Shop Small, Shop Local!!

I’ll Be Here To Help YOU!

As usual, I’m open Tuesday through Saturday 10am till 5 pm.  I know, you’re saying, “But I work until 5pm so how can I come and shop at Sherry’s on Main?”  Well, I’ll tell ya.  JUST FOR YOU I offer After Hours Private Shopping.  Any time between 5pm and 11pm I’ll be available for you.  If you want to come in and shop alone that’s great, but it’s even more fun if you bring in a couple of your girlfriends!  I’m not just doing it for the ladies, some of you guys out there have a tough time getting out to do your shopping too.  

“How does this work?”  you say.  It’s easy, let’s say you can only get in to shop at 10:35 on December 23rd.  Give me a call, message me on Facebook or send an email to me a day or two before and I’ll be here for all your after hours private shopping needs.  So feel free to go home, have dinner, put your feet up for a bit, then come and shop in peace and quiet without any stress. I’ll be here for ya!

So, to book your After Hours Private Shopping time, call me at 519-323-0251, message me on Facebook, Sherry’s on Main, Home Decor & Gifts or email me at

Also, on Saturday, December 17 and Saturday December 24, I’ll be open until 6pm

Unfortunately I won’t be taking any bookings on December 24th, but I will be open until 6pm.

I hope this helps you out.  😀






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What do Scarves and Roller Skates add up to?


In my October post I put out a call for models.  I really didn’t think anybody would step up to the plate and want to do it.  I was truly amazed at how many ladies put their hands up and said “Me, Me, Me”  The first message I got was from Steph Warner coach of the Wellington Roller Derby.  She said that the girls would like to do it in groups of two or three.  Hey, why not, ya get more bang for  your buck (but I wasn’t really paying anybody) and have lots more fun playing together!  Turns out that some of the other ladies either chickened out (yes I’m looking at you, you know who you are) or just wanted to save all their strength for their practice rather that use up their strength on a long exhausting photo shoot!  Well girls, you don’t know what you missed.  😀

So out we got to Steph’s place and Cathy Snyder joined us and we began the gruelling process of having our very own photo shoot.  Thank goodness I was on the other side of the camera because these girls are beautiful and show off my Warm Winter Wear very nicely.  Beware, I took over 300 pictures and had pare down from there, so I’m left with, 15 that I uploaded, and now I have to pick and choose from those.  So without further ado, here’s what happened.

It was a lovely warm fall day.  A day that couldn’t be wasted sitting doors.  they were enjoying the sun showering it’s golden rays upon the land and the soft breeze was blowing that it felt as though delicate fingers were tickling the strands of their silken hair across their faces.  But wait, what’s this, who is this strange person with scarves and ponchos showing up with a camera!?  Ah, yes, this is the day we are doing the photo shoot with Sherry, from Sherry’s on Main.  Well we have an hour or so before Roller Derby Practice, let’s do it.

This is what really  happened.

Steph Warner picked me up and we headed to her place while we waited for the other girls to show up, and like I said before, it was only Cathy who came to play with us.  I brought a poncho, Blanket Scarf and 3 piece Scarf set and off we went on our photo shoot “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Deville”

This is  our first photo and it gets sillier from there.

Steph on the left, Cathy on the right.

Steph on the left, Cathy on the right.

Steph is modelling our 3 piece Scarf set made up of wonderfully warm slouch hat and scarf with lovely soft mittens.  This is her “I’m the coach of the Bloody Marys, you had better listen to me or else!!  Cathy is showing off one of our soft an comfy ponchos, saying, “Whatever”

The Birch Tree

Steph and Cathy in the Birch Tree

Now we are getting into the Artsy stuff, again Steph on the left, Cathy on the right… aren’t they pretty 😀

Blanket Scarf and 3 piece Scarf Set

Blanket Scarf and 3 piece Scarf Set

Now we’ve switched up our pieces.  Steph is wearing one of our Blanket Scarves while Cathy is modelling our 3 piece Scarf Set.













So that you don’t think that our Roller Girls are just posers, they are posing in their Roller Skates.  See what I did there, poser, posing.  Well, ok, I thought it was funny.  😛


Since we didn’t have another, ahem, Roller Girl, we had Steph’s daughter Autumn step in.  😀  All 3 pieces are shown, the Blanket Scarf, Poncho and Scarf set.  3 pretty girls making a Totem Pole imitation.  This is one that I had been thinking about doing, and I think it turned out great!









I think out of the bunch of them I think these ones are my favourite poses.  It’s just too bad that I didn’t have one of all 3 of them along the fence.

So there you have it, as I said earlier, it was hard to pick between 300 plus pictures but I think you get a pretty good idea.  I want to say a great big Thank You to Steph, Cathy and Autumn, they did a fantastic job for me, as a matter of fact the Ponchos are sold out and I only have 2 of the 3 piece sets available.  I do have a few more of the blanket scarves in 3 different colours to choose from.  Each piece is priced at just $40.  Hopefully I’ll have a new order of the ponchos and Scarf sets in soon.

If you want to have a great evening of watching some rough and tough ladies fight it out on the flat track then get out there and watch the Wellington Roller Derby.  Steph Warner is coach for the Bloody Marys and the other team has a fierce and scary name too, Feims.  And just imagine what the each of the ladies Derby names are! If you are interested in joining the one of the teams, you can be their new “Fresh Meat”.  Go to or check out their Facebook page,

The next match is the Winter Wipeout un March/April in Mount Forest.

For our next photo shoot, let’s hope that more of the Derby girls come out and not be such scaredy cats!



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Models Needed

I am in search of someone in the MoFo area who would be willing to model some of the things I have in the store.  Jewelry, Handbags, Shawls etc.  Nothing Glamorous, so you don’t need to look like this.











Or this,








Or even this,








Just someone who would like to have a non paying position.  Or someone who craves the spotlight and and to gain the prestige of being the face of Sherry’s on Main.

Or someone who thinks it would be a lark and just good fun.  You will be on all my the Facebook posts and WordPress Blog Pages and seen all over the world by almost nobody!

Apply to Sherry at Sherry’s on Main.

Oh, and if you think I’m kidding, I’m not!  I had a girl who modelled some things for me but she moved away.  😦








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