Hi, I’m Sherry. I live in Mount Forest with my wonderful husband Brian, our cat Cleopatra and our $10 bag bunny Asta. There is a story about our bunny but I won’t bore you with that here.

I am a soap maker, wire jewelry artist, egg shell carver, sculptor, playwright, actress, store owner and best of all wife.

I’m glad you came. Here you will see my writing and musings about just about anything that tickles my fancy once I hit the keyboard. It could be about the inspiration of how I came up with a particular window display, check out my Halloween post about “uncle John” that one seems to be the most popular, or just what is going on in our backyard.

You will also find a small sampling of the items I carry in my store anything from soap to tea.

I enjoy writing and I hope you will come along and enjoy the ride with me.



About Sherry’s on Main

Sherry’s on Main has the most unique selection of home decor & giftware in Mount Forest. When you step inside, you’ll be greeted with the wonderful fragrances of our very own brand of Parson House soaps and candles.  Your eyes will be dazzled with the amazing array of products lining the walls, shelves and sometimes even the ceiling.  Browse around to find the perfect gift for that special person, or a sparkly little trinket for yourself.

Come Explore Beyond the Lavender Door

The story behind the store

It had always been a dream to open a little shop of her own.  In 2002 Sherry and her husband Brian moved to Mount Forest.  In December of 2003, Sherry’s husband surprised her with her very own shop for their 13th wedding anniversary!  On December 7, 2003 after a week of painting and decorating Sherry’s on Main opened it’s doors.

“It is a pleasure every morning to wake up and go to “work”.   It’s always nice to know that one of my treasures has found a new home.  So if you happen to be in Mount Forest, stop in, have a look around, see what’s new and say hi.”

157 Main St. N. Mount Forest, Ontario.

Hours:   Tuesday – Saturday    10am – 5pm

Phone:  519-323-0251     Email: sherrysomain@yahoo.ca 

Please leave a reply, I'd love to hear your comments.

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