An hour of writing down the drain.

I spent over an hour writing a post on my tablet the other day telling you all about the stuff I did or rather didn’t do while I was closed for 2 months and it didn’t post.  😦  So rather than writing it all over again I’m writing something different.  Besides I can’t remember everything I said!  😀  Musta been real important!  So, here goes.

While I was closed I worked more on my social media, things like posting on Instagram and Pintrest little more and I think I may have Twittered now and again.  I still don’t have a complete grasp of it yet but what can I say, I’m trying.  I’m much more active on Facebook than I am here, as you can tell, so I started doing Facebook Live Sales, I’ve also seen other Facebook business doing the “Comment Sold” posts so I added that to my Facebook repertoire and I’ve really made a big effort to grow my VIP Group.   That has really taken off and helped me get through this difficult time and it has given me some very loyal customers.  One of my best customers lives in another city!  She would have never known I had a store or, on the off chance, just happen to see my store on the way driving through town but she found me on Facebook!  Yay!!

I’ve been trying to update my website but that’s not going so well, so this is what I’m gonna do in the meantime.  I’m posting a few of my most popular items this summer that I just can’t keep in stock.  They will link directly to my Facebook Sale page if you would like more info or you are interested purchasing any of them.  You can find the link in the upper right hand corner  of the page.



Also, if you’d like to become a member of my VIP Group, Sherry’s Super Stars, you will get some bonus perks, sales, specials, first dibs, contests, draws… you get the idea.

I’m going to update my Shop Page here too.

So here we go, a little retail therapy.  Enjoy


Butterfly Necklace & Earrings

Butterfly Necklace & Earring Set


Little do most people know is that there is actually a dragonfly jewelry meaning.  One of the most popular symbolisms that a dragonfly holds is self-assurance and maturity.  Dragonflies represent changes in our lives and through that changes we gain self- assurance, knowledge and become mature.  As we come of age, we don’t just see the picture as a whole. Rather, we try to pick images from the entire picture and see the meaning to each piece.
Zinc Alloy Nickel Free Lead Free. Multi strand necklace with rhinestone dragonfly (pendant 2.5″ X 2″) necklace. Set includes matching dragonfly earrings. Pendant is removable and can be used as a brooch. Approx. length 9″. Choice of Blue, Black, Green, Purple.  Click the link and it will take you to my Facebook Shop page to purchase.
Teal Leaf Sleeveless Top

Teal Leaf Pattern Sleeveless Top


This is among our most popular sleeveless leaves prints fashion tops. Light weight fabric with a loose fit is great for any body type and is perfect for summer.

Shoulder Strap: 4″ Bust: 36″ Bottom Width: 35″ Length: 28″,  100% Viscos fabric

Click the link and it will take you to my Facebook Shop page to purchase.




Cross Body Bag


Mint Green Cross Body Bag


This fax leather satchel so many pockets it’s just crazy!  There is a place for everything and anything.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap. Supper soft material with nice quality.

Hight: 10″ Length: 10.5″ Width: 3″ Strap: 24 – 50″

Click the link and it will take you to my Facebook Shop page to purchase.
So these are just a couple of my best sellers.  Like I said, I’m gonna update the Shop Now page and add some more items.
Wanna know more?  Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email.
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