It’s Not Quite Spring Yet!

Daylight savings time is on Sunday, March 8.  are ya ready to spring forward?

Speaking of spring, in my last post I was talking about the birds, the ones I missed all winter and the ones I love to hear as spring arrives.  Well, it got me to thinking that I should clean out the bird houses… yes I know I should have done it in the fall, but there ya go, I didn’t.  Once the snow melts enough that I can get to them I’ll take them down and get them ready for our new batch of house wrens that take up residence in them for the summer.

This brings me to a little tip for all of you who love birds and like to give them a cozy place to live.  Most of you will probably already know this but it took, I guess you could call it a happy accident, for me to face palm myself and say “Duh”.

For a few years I had 3 birdhouses in our tree, hanging from the branches where we could see them perfectly from the deck and be able to watch them in hopes of our little feathered friends would show up.  All this time, watching in anticipation, there were sadly no birdies to watch.  I had the perfect set up for them too, houses, food, water, what else could they want?  The three houses were a terracotta one that I bought, a terracotta one that I made and the 3rd one was gifted to me.  It wasn’t until the happy accident happened that I slapped myself on the forehead and thought, what a total idiot!  Well it was the third birdhouse that was causing all the problems.  You see, that third birdhouse was shaped as an owl.  Yes! an OWL!!!   Now I’m sure you understand why I was so dumb, owls are meant to scare birds away!  Luckily for me and our little feathered friends, that third culprit fell to the ground and broke to pieces.  Now every spring we have a family of house wrens that come and sing for us, and we get to watch the little ones open their beaks wide and peep loudly telling mom and dad Feed Me!!

So there’s your tip, if you want to have birds in your backyard birdhouses, make sure that one of them isn’t an owl.

Well, Duh

Until next time,



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