Ugh, where has our Spring gone

I’m sitting here at the store looking out the window at the grey sky and drizzle come down and I’m just feeling blah 😛  It’s just another, in a long line of days, that is good for staying in bed… BUT, I don’t wanna stay in bed!!  I want Sunshine, I want Colour, I want to be able to sit outside in the morning on my deck with my cup of coffee and listen to the birds.  In short I WANT SPRING! and I bet you do too.

So, I guess while Mother Nature has her little hissy fit, there’s not much else we can do except to make our own little corners of the world a little more colourful and springier 😀  In my store, I like to bring in items that make me smile and are things that I want to have in my home.  I’ve purchased like this for the 14 years I’ve been in business and it seems to be working, so let’s have a look around and I’ll show you a few pieces and we can both bring some spring indoors even if it isn’t outdoors yet.

First of all, it is April, and we all know that means April Showers (even though we are still getting snow right now).  So, to keep those raindrops from falling on our heads (admit it, you sang that part 😀 ) I have some sweet umbrellas to keep you dry.

Sweet Umbrellas










Cute aren’t they?!  They have a large 40″ wide surface area to keep you dry.  $32.99 each.  Shop now














To get a quick POP of colour inside I’ve picked up a few everlasting flowers, Peonies, Hydrangea and Succulents.

Our everlastings can bring all the beauty of real flowers into your home without a high level of maintenance – or any maintenance at all!  The gorgeous blossoms are available in a wide variety of colours, much like their colours in nature. Our silk peonies comes housed in a vase complete with faux water, Hydrangeas in a Moss Pot planter and the succulents come in their own small white pot, each to fit your personal taste and interior design. Discover the ease and beauty of silk flowers, made to look elegantly realistic.

Hydrangeas in Moss Pots




Fabric hydrangeas display a lovely array of subtle colours. Nicely finished in a pot of moss and twigs.

$17.99  Shop Now











Peonies in Glass Vase




Lifelike peony blooms in assorted colours in a small glass vase complete with river stones and faux water.  7″ High

$17.99  Shop Now




Mini Succulents











As if Succulents couldn’t get any easier, these are 100% maintenance free!  These little sweeties are 3″ high $7.99    Shop Now








So those are just a few bits and bobs for now.  As I have been sitting here writing the sun has been struggling to come through the clouds and it’s warmed up a touch.  The weather man is predicting freezing rain for this weekend, (NOOOOOOO!!! she shouts with a primal scream) so hopefully this has brightened things up just a touch for now.

I have some other goodies, that I’ll show off in a later post as it’s almost time to go home for the day.  Think Mother’s Day gift ideas 😀



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