Aromatherapy Pendants

Our aromatherapy pendants just arrived from Pixie Glass Works in my store!

These exquisite pendants were featured on Dragon’s Den.  Each piece is created by an expert glass blower in Vancouver British Columbia! Each one is unique making it a One of a Kind piece of art that you can carry with you.  Simply fill it with one of the essential oil aromatherapy blends and enjoy the fragrance that surrounds you.


They are available in a range of styles from Clear glass to Sand Blasted Designs in every colour of the rainbow!

The essential oil blends are:

Relax: soft, calming and balancing

Passion:  an aphrodisiacal blend that is sultry , deductive, deep and rich

Energize:  stimulating fresh and crisp.

Refresh:  uplifting and invigorating

Fortify:  cleansing and clearing.

Come by and choose your very own piece of fragrant art!


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