Yee Haw! We’re Having a Summer Sale!

*imagine this said in a western twang*

Come on down folds to Sherry’s on Main and get yourself a real BARGOON!  ALL our Western Stock is up to 50% OFF!  That’s right folks I said up to 50% Off.

*ok you can stop the twang now*

Everything is on Sale,

Mens & Ladies Western Wear,

Kingman modelIncluding Ely Walker Western Shirts

Black Wool Felt Hats,

Hat Bands,

Belt Buckles

And More.

Sorry Ladies, the hunk doesn’t come with them.

We also have lots of Western Gift Ware at up to 50% OFF!  Signs, Clocks, Picture Frames, Candle Holders, Stars.

If it looks Western it’s on SALE!  Yee Haw!




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