Thank Goodness For Digital Cameras!

We’ve had a extremely hot summer with little rain.  There have been the odd shower here and there, some of them so light you had run around in it to get wet.  Either that or it was a complete downpour that lasted between 3 and 5 minutes or so.  This last Sunday night I was awakened by thunder and lightning.  I took myself downstairs to look out our French doors that leads to our patio to watch the rain.  Nope, no rain.  So I stepped outside just to watch the lighting.  It was sheet lightning and the way it lit the clouds from behind was quite a sight.  The weekend before Brian and I were at the MoFo Fireworks Festival and, of course, when it got dark they set off fireworks!  Doh, bet ya didn’t see that one coming! 😀  I had my camera and I got some really great shots of them.








Even though I had no idea how to use the fireworks setting I figured I didn’t do too bad.  With this in mind I figured I could do the same thing with lightning.  I grabbed my camera, switched it to the fireworks setting, and started shooting away.  I was up till well after midnight shooting and shooting all the while tracking the lightning as it moved in the sky from  left to right.  Still no rain.  All this time my camera was going chu, chu, chu, chu, chu… well I don’t know how to spell the sound a camera makes, but I’m sure you know what I mean.  With no exaggeration I shot well over 1000 images.

Monday morning I brought my camera to the store to upload them to my computer in quiet anticipation of what I would find…  This was it…


Ya know it takes quit a bit of time to delete almost 1000 photos… Then suddenly, what’s that?  Did I actually manage to capture something?!  I think maybe I did… Here it is!!!DSCN0982

Well, maybe not.  😦  That’s just a picture of the neighbours house.  But if you squint quite right and stick your tongue out to the right side of your mouth, you may just be fooled like I was initially.  Oh well, keep deleting.

Then, ya know what? I actually managed to shoot something!  After over 1000 shots, did I mention that it was over 1000 shots.  What? What could it be?!   OMG, I got the perfect photo of sheet lightning behind the clouds!  Really, I did!  Don’t know how, but here it is!



I know it just looks like a daylight picture, but I’m not pulling your leg!  This is a genuine shot of sheet lightning lighting up the sky and clouds!  And that’s exactly how bright it made the night!  😀

So I guess the lesson of this story is… I should really get out the instructions for my camera and figure out how to use it, I may manage to get more than one shot next time.   Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Oh, and thank goodness for digital cameras!




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