Don’t forget the Hummingbirds!

I hope everyone is remembering to clean and refill their hummingbird feeders!!!

I make sure mine are full and ready for these sweet little birds even if I don’t see them coming to the feeders. I have had my 3 feeders out all summer, one of which is in my living room window, but I  just get  an occasional glimpse of a hummer stopping to have a drink.  It could be that there are a lot of flowers around, or we are just too busy with our own lives that we don’t notice them, but yesterday we were given a jeweled treat!  After work, as Brian, our friend Jeff and I sat on the deck, we saw a sweet little hummingbird coming to the feeder.  He’d flit in and out, but not stay for very long, maybe because our chatting was disturbing him, but at least we were able to watch a few of his acrobatic antics!

This morning I was up shortly after 7, grabbed a coffee and my camera to see if I could have a bit of private time with nature, specifically the hummingbird.  I was NOT disappointed!! 🙂  It had rained quite heavily last night and this morning was a kind of misty rain, but getting a damp bottom was a cheap price to pay to be able to watch the antics of the hummingbirds… Did you notice that I said HUMMINGBIRDS?  Yep, plural.  We definitely have 2 different birds coming to the feeder.  There is definitely a male and I’m 99.9% sure that the second is a female although there is a possibility that it may be a juvenile.  There may even be a 3rd.  While I was sitting watching, a bird buzzed, or should I say hummed, past my head to chase off the male from the feeder, then later the female got chased off too.  Hummingbirds can become quite territorial when it comes to a good food source.

I was sitting about 5 or 6 feet away from the feeder in order to get some good pictures, but each time I tried to bring the camera up to snap it would spook them and they’d flit off again.  Finally I just rested my arms on my knees and pointed the camera in the general direction of the feeder.  I put the camera on sport mode so I could just hold the button down and it would snap away.  Ya know, the stiller you try to be, the shakier you get! 😦   Of about 35 shots, 2 came out ok-ish.

Having a little rest
Having a little rest
Having a sip
Having a sip

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.  These little jewels are going to need all the help they can get before they start their southward migration for the winter.  Tomorrow and Monday I’m gonna get out the better camera and the tripod and sit and try and get some better shots and maybe some video.


Sherry 🙂

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