Death by Bumble Bee?

This weekend my husband Brian and I were doing some staining on our back deck.  When we had finished what we were doing, I went inside to pop on facebook to see what the rest of the word was up to, when Brian called me and said “You’ve got to see this!”  So I hustled my butt back outside to find this.

We’ve never seen a Bumble Bee do this before!  Obviously, we grabbed the camera and started snapping away.  We  got a lot of great pictures, and it didn’t seem to disturb him/her.  Maybe it’s used to paparazzi or maybe it’s just a bit of a diva and likes to be in front of the camera.  For a while, lunch was on me 🙂

Lunch is on me :)
    Lunch is on me 🙂


Bumble Bee on my knee 🙂








It stayed on my knee so long that we finally had to pick it up and move it.  The only thing at hand was a screwdriver.  We just scooped it and left it to finish its meal of yummy ladybug juice in peace.

I’ve never heard of Bumble Bees being insectivorous, so I was speculating on the fact that since Monsanto is killing off all of the bees, the bees have decided to go on the attack!  My guess is that they are starting on smaller prey first so they can perfect their technique before moving on to the larger vermin 😛

Ok, I’ve had my fun and speculation… now it’s your turn.  Is this actually a Bumble Bee?  It sure looks like one, but who knows?  Maybe you do.  Maybe Brian and I have discovered a new species… not likely but just in case I’ll call it the Campbellus bugeatus bumbleus 😀

So, go ahead, comment, speculate, have fun with it.

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3 thoughts on “Death by Bumble Bee?

  1. Hi, it’s not a Bumble Bee, but a Carpenter Bee. Maybe an Eastern Carpenter Bee.

    A quote from wiki –

    ‘They sometimes attempt to mate with other insects or small birds’.

    They don’t seem to be very bright creatures, clumsy and often bump into things.

    The males don’t sting and the females only very rarely.

    Thank you for sharing…x


  2. The bee is definitely a bumblebee. Bumblebees eat only pollen and nectar. I thought at first that the poor bee was “confused”, and was trying to mate with the ladybug, but the pictures I’ve found of bumblebees mating are very unclear as to which body part belongs to which bee, and which body parts are actually, er, commingling. So I’ve decided that your bumblebee was trying to befriend the ladybug and was giving her a nice, platonic hug.: )))



    1. Hahaha, a platonic hug that made the ladybug all squishy inside 🙂


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