Halloween Window Display 2012

The continuing story of Uncle John.

In October of 2010 I wrote about The Gory Details, a story about Uncle John and what may or may not have been the cause of his ultimate demise.

This year I was fumbling around in the dark trying to untidy the family plot when I noticed that poor old Uncle John may have been the victim of a couple of nasty and sloppy resurrectionists.  Could it have been the long lost relatives of Burke & Hare renewing the family business?  I’m not 100% sure as the only proof I have of the nasty deed is the state in which Uncle John and now Aunt Grizelda’s, yes (sadly?) she has shrugged off her mortal coil too, final resting place was left.  I took this picture to show the authorities and have something done about it… as soon as they pick themselves up and stop laughing.

The disheveled family plot

I’m not sure what whomever did this was thinking, but I certainly didn’t find it humerus!!  Well actually I did find the humerus but as I was trying to fit it back together, I couldn’t find all the pieces 😦  And what of the poison bottle… is this a warning?  Things that make you go hmmm…

With my eyes moist with tears of rage, that caused my vision to blur, I stumbled off into the night.  It didn’t help that a thick dense fog had rolled in either, which caused me to fumble around even more.  I must have gotten myself completely turned around, because instead of returning back to the homestead, I found myself groping at a strange door handle.  Well, since it was the wee hours of the night, and the fog was like pea soup, I figured I’d never find my way back, I might just as well go in.  

I stepped inside, and of course, the door slams behind me plunging me into total blackness (ok, who didn’t see that coming) and I think to myself, which is worse, the strange eerie fog outside or the complete unknown of inside.  Well, since I’m now obviously stuck here I might just as well make the most of it.  Optimistic aint I 🙂  So off I go feeling around for a light switch and wouldn’t ya know it, there isn’t one.  Then ah ha, I’ve got a camera, I’ll use the flash to look around and see what I can find. Snap, the room lights up instantly, then plunges me back into darkness again. I get a glimpse of this.Snap, I do it again and see thisSnap, finally, I think I see a candle stick on that table over there.  Yes!! yes it is a candle!!  Luckily I’ve got my zippo handy. (duh, why didn’t I use it instead of the camera?)  The flickering light cast a dim yellow light allowing me to see just a little farther…. over there is another candle, and there is a candelabra on the mantle, and of course it’s covered in cob webs, but there are still nubs of candles left in it.  Finally the room comes completely into view.  What on earth is this place?  Something ghoulish has gone on here.  Then I spot this.Is it the leftovers of an experiment gone wrong? a tribute? an obsessive shrine?  And who could have done this… this dastardly deed?  I’m not sure, but there, right in the middle is poor old Uncle John.  Oh no, don’t tell me those are the missing pieces of Uncle John that I couldn’t find at the family plot?  

Taking a closer look, that skull does have a family resemblance, at least the bone structure seems right.   It’s kinda “spine tingling”!  And there’s Nevermore, our faithful family pet wearing Aunt Grizelda’s favorite necklace… naughty bird, where on earth did you dig that up???

And herein the jar, is a human male brain.  But the label says Abby Somebody, that couldn’t be Uncle John’s could it and it’s just mislabeled?  Abby Somebody… hmmm… could that mean abnormal???  Well, it very well could be, Uncle John wasn’t your average duck after all, and you know what they say… A mind is a terrible thing to waste.   And finally there’s that infamous Dr. Oddbody’s Cure All Elixir  that was the possible start of all our family problems…  Let’s take a closer look at that bottle.

Dr. Oddbody’s a Close-up

Precautions & Dr. Oddbody’s Address

Hmm, nothing new here, but then there are those other bottles… could this be a clue to something?  Well, at least I’ve got a few more evidence photos to give to the Keystone Cops to look into this situation.

Stay tuned and we’ll see if we can’t “put the pieces back together” and solve this riddle.

Sleep fitfully my friends and have unpleasant dreams.

Until next time, I bid you adieu,

Scary Sherry

Ok, now that you’ve moaned and groaned your way through my frightful little tale, please tell me what you think.  I do have fun writing these silly bits, but do you enjoy reading them.  Inquiring minds want to know, or at least, I do 🙂


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