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Updated July 26/16

We all know that screen doors keep the bugs out but let the fresh air and

Line art of a door screen.

cooling breeze in, but they don’t work so well when they are knocked off of their hinges.  Yep, we’ve all been there at some point, you have a get together and someone at some point manages to walk right through the screen door!  Granted, it is kinda hard to tell when the door is open and when it’s closed, especially if you are a little bleary eyed from sleep deprivation, yea that’s it, you’re just a little tired.

So I ask you, how is it that a butterfly can be more powerful that Aunt Pattie with that one too many extra large glass of red, or a dragonfly more dominant than Uncle Doug hoisting his stein?

Well I’ll tell ya, when its a SCREEN SAVER!

Dragonfly Screen Saver

Butterfly Screen Saver

Each Dragonfly or Butterfly Screen Saver is handcrafted by little ol’ me using either hand hammered copper or brass wire and beads.  Just thread the tail through the screen on the door and walla your screen door is now safe from all intruders big or small!  Yep, they even work on Munchkins when they are excitedly running out the door to play in the sprinkler or running back in to get a popsicle.  Just remember to place on a little lower as their eyes are closer to the ground 😉

Even though they are all the same, every one is different and come carded on a piece of screen.  (clever huh 🙂 )  They sell for $12.99

They sell quickly so if you’d like to order one or two, just let me know if you’d like a dragonfly or butterfly, copper or brass wire and your choice of bead colour and I’ll make them up for you.  Each and every one is handcrafted so no two will ever look the same.

All the ones you see below have been sold, so they are just a few examples of the different styles I make with the beads I have available.



So there you have it, Screen Savers, brought to you by the muddled mind of me 🙂  Not just a pretty decoration, but a mighty bug thats less expensive than replacing a door 🙂

TTFN, Sherry



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