What I did on my Long Weekend!

Not much of anything really 🙂 and it was GREAT!!!

My husband is a Registered Nurse and had to work this weekend so I planned on weeding the garden.  It’s not something that I hate to do, I actually quite enjoy it, but I just wasn’t in the mood, so I didn’t 🙂  But, I did get creative… well sorta.

Since hubby was sleeping and I like to try and stay quiet for him, I thought I’d just enjoy my coffee sitting on the deck.  No TV, just enjoy the outside.  Then I kinda got bored.  I had put my hummingbird feeder out but wanted more to have all over the back yard.  But I only have the one, and the stores a closed… hmmm what to do?  I know I’ll make one!  So I sit and ponder, what do I have in the house that I can make a hummingbird feeder out of?  Not much.  Recycling bin to the rescue!!

Let’s see what I can find.  Ah ha, a chip dip container, this should work as a bowl feeder, but it should have an ant mote…hmm, how about a pop bottle?  Yep, that works, but now it looks like the top of a pop bottle stuck on a chip dip container, kinda ugly.  I thought about painting the container, but all my paints are here at the store, so off I go digging around in my stash of stuff and lo and behold, I come across coloured electrical tape.  Why I have coloured electrical tape is anyones guess, but there it is.  So I wrap it up and made some electrical tape red flowers and here it is.  Still kinda ugly, but it did attract a hummer 🙂 

I only had the one chip dip container, but I still wanted to make more feeders, so this is my second version made from a small pill bottle with a handy dandy pop bottle flower.  I was hoping the flower would be more red than it is but the permanent marker I was using was old and ran out.

Then I made a dripping birdbath.  Hummers like to take a bath the same as any other bird, but they won’t go to a regular birdbath because they are so small the water is much too deep for them.  However they do love to shower 🙂  They will time their flight under a drip of water so that it hits their back.

So, back to the recycle bin and out comes the trusty pop bottle and a bowl from a microwave meal.  This is the result.

Yep, it’s kinda ugly too but it does the trick.  The drips fall at about 4 second intervals and the water in the bottle will last most of the day.  I’m gonna try and find a way to disguise the bottle to make it look nicer but still have access to refill it.

These are all pretty self explanatory but if you’d like instructions on how to make them I’d be happy to do a video, with a few improvements I plan for the next ones I make.  Just let me know.

For the rest of the day I pretty much just watched the hummingbirds and tried to figure out a way to defy gravity by having water self circulate for a water feature I want to make in the rock garden.  Turn out it can’t be done 😦  This is my temporary substitute water feature.

It’ just sitting on the deck rail gurgling away until I can figure out how I’m gonna do what I wanna do.

I hope your weekend was fantastic too.

Until next time,




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2 responses to “What I did on my Long Weekend!

  1. Kat

    Ain’t you clever! Boredom is a great motivator! (P.S. you drink too much pop! hahaha) I’m sure the hummingbirds appreciate your efforts!


    • You should have seen me trying to figure out the gravity thing 🙂 LOL Now I’m trying to figure out how to connect my solar panels from my broken solar lights to work my “water feature”. At least if I short things out, I won’t be taking down the power grid with me 🙂