Say Hello To My Little Friends

Twice a year in Mount Forest we have this gathering at the old fair grounds called Fur & Feather.  It happens the last Sunday in April and the first Sunday in October, where people from all over come and sell absolutely anything and everything to do with critters large and small.  And other folks show up and have a look at what’s for sale.

Last Sunday Brian and I took a walk over to have a look around.  We’ve gone other years and managed to come away without any additions to our family.   Well, not this year (she says with a big silly grin on her face.)  Just shortly after we arrived we stopped and looked at these tiny little birds… oooh so cute 🙂  Then we wandered on.  As we were walking I took mental notes here and there about the price of various bird cages…. my plan was already “hatching” you see 🙂

As we were strolling we saw lots of geese, some in bags, bunches of bunnies of all descriptions, pot bellied pigs, chickens with fuzzy feet, llamas, and all manner of critter and critter accoutrements that were to be had at a reasonable price.  But as we neared the end of our walk, my mind was on those little tiny birds we first spied on our way in.  I casually mentioned them to Brian.  He said no.  I said, but they are so cute.  He said no.  I said, how long is this going to take?  Here’s a bit of back story to that last statement.  When we were first married I wanted a kitten, it took a little over 2 hours to talk him into getting her.  We had Frankenstein for a little over 18 years.  Then I wanted doves, it only took about an hour of convincing to get them.  Our last trip to a pet store was his idea to get some bettas, you see fish have never been a problem, but while we were there I saw a lionhead bunny, it took about 20 minute of cajoling.  Unfortunately the little guy wasn’t well and he didn’t make it 😦  So a friend gave me another bunny.  So you see we have a bit of a pattern forming.  He said what are you going to keep them in.  I said I saw a bird cage back there for $10.  He said did you bring any money.  I said no 😦  Then I said well lets just go have one more peek at them.  He followed 🙂

As we were walking to were the birds were he kept saying, they’re gone, they aren’t there anymore, but ah ha, there they were.  These sweet little birds are called Society Finches. We took a peek in the one little cage and there was one looking at us with a Moe, from the three stooges, haircut!!!  Done, we’ve got us some birds.

Meet KoKo and Moe.

KoKo and Moe

Here’s a better picture of Moe’s haircut.

Moe's Haircut

Moe is a Crested Society Finch.  KoKo is a Chocolate Society Finch and I think may be a little camera shy because all he/she would show me was his/her rump when I was snapping pictures.  Moe was a little more easy, probably showing off the doo, he/she was the only Crested one in the cage and KoKo the only Chocolate one 🙂

So after spending all the money Brian had with him on these two sweeties and a home for them, we headed homeward ourselves.  When we got home, I washed up the cage while Brian headed to the grocery store to get them some food.

Once they were in there new home with food and water it only took them about 1/2 hour to settle into their new surroundings.  This whole time our cat Cleopatra was ignorantly sleeping in her bedroom… yes she has her own bedroom, and no that’s not weird, to us at least.  When she finally did come down to the living room to join us she noticed them sitting on top of a decorative pillar that we have.  She of course wanted to give them a good looking over and possibly a bit of a nibble, so we ended up putting them in our dressing room for the night for the peace of mind for everyone involved.

Yesterday Brian went to our hardware store to get a hook to put in the ceiling so that they will be safely out of the way of Cleopatra who is taking on the roll of Sylvester after tweetie bird way too well.

Here they are with there new home high in the sky.

And for the rest of the day Cleopatra did this


And this


I think it really pooped her out because she didn’t have the energy to chase or be chased by Sampress our Bunny.  Here she is just nuzzling with him.

Cleo & Sampress

Then she finally gave up a flaked out on the back of the chair.

Just too pooped to care anymore.

I think, no, I know she is really miffed at me for bringing in these two, but now she knows how Sampress felt when she usurped his position as the cutest one in the house! We are still going to be putting the birds in the dressing room at night or when we aren’t at home just to keep things safe and so the Cleopatra doesn’t completely exhaust herself.

Well, now that I’ve finished writing this post, I’m going to try and make a little nest for the finches.  I went to the dollar store this morning but they don’t carry anything for birds at all 😦  So with some jute, and a crochet hook, I’m gonna try and crochet them a nest, unfortunately I can’t crochet a cuttle bone for them, so that’ll just have to wait.

Until next time,





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2 responses to “Say Hello To My Little Friends

  1. Kat

    the pet store has an awesome bird section! (oh and by the way….you are a spoiled brat! hahahaha) They are cute. do they sing?


    • Hehehe, I have my ways 😉 I’ll bat my eyelashes at Brian and ask him to pop in, you do mean the one in MoFo right? I did crochet a bird nest for them, and boy are my fingers sore. They haven’t used it yet 😦 I still need a cuttle bone for them.
      Males sing, and I guess Moe is a male because he is singing up a storm!! Females don’t sing, they have a call that sounds like crickets and that is what KoKo is doing 🙂 Apparently they are very prolific breeders and good nesters to the point that they are used to foster other bird eggs.
      Cleo is calming down a little, but I’m still putting them in the dressing room while we are sleeping or away. You’ll have to pop by some day to see them, they are so incredibly tiny!!!