One of my Favorite Pictures

I just wanted to show off one of my favorite old pictures

"1747 Chums" The smudge in the center of the picture is my attempt to remove the flash burn from the camera.

It’s old, it’s water stained and I LOVE it 🙂  It currently is placed in the foyer of our house on the first rise of the front stairway.  Directly below Chums is a bust of Beethoven on a 1/2 table.

I can’t find much information about it though.  In the lower left hand corner it is printed 1747 Chums, in the lower right, Jos. Hoover & Son.  The only other reference to this print I can find online is here but as you will notice, the image is facing in the other direction!

If anyone has any information on this print, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!





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4 responses to “One of my Favorite Pictures

  1. I just picked one up myself from a second hand place for $15 in pretty good condition with a nice original old etched timber frame around it. It was advertised as `ORIGINAL 1930`s PRINT “CHUMS” but I only took that as a grain of salt but by my little experience with prints it could be up to 25 yr earlier or 20 yrs later.
    I grew up with a `long haired` Border Collie with the same markings (no collar either) and just had to have it anyway so Im just happy have it.


  2. Carolyn Cook

    I have this print . I bought a picture at a consignment shop for the frame and under two other pictures found this print. It doesn’t have water damage but does have the little spots. It is currently hanging in my Grandgirls room . We love it but don’t know any thing about it.


  3. Bonita

    I just acquired this picture as well! It was originally a gift to my parents (married 66 years) from my dad’s Grandmother. It originally belonged to his Great Grandmother! Priceless!!!