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About seven years ago my husband Brian surprised me with a trip in a white stretch limousine to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as an anniversary gift.  I had no idea anything was about to happen until he came in and told me to close up the store for the rest of the day, we were going out to supper.  Even then, I just thought we were going somewhere local.  How he managed to keep it a secret is anybody’s guess… probably bodily harm, because it seems that most of the main street shop owners knew about it.  As we walked out the driveway by the store, there on the street was parked a limo!  All the store owners were standing outside to see my reaction and applauding.  Needles to say my husband got nicknamed Mr. Romantic 🙂  So we get in the limo and he says we are going to dinner, but not where.  He pops the champaign, you knew there had to be champaign right, and off we go.  Next thing I know we are in downtown Toronto and stopping at a Japanese restaurant.  He tells the driver he will call when we are ready.  We LOVE Japanese and haven’t had it since moving to Mount Forest… way too long.  So I’m thinking this is great and I’m having a blast with this wonderful man!  Dinner is finished he calls the limo, it pick us up and I figure we are heading back home… au contraire mon frere!  Next, we are at the Air Canada Center and waiting in line to get in.  As we walk through the ACC I want to get a program, but he shuffles me along to our seats.  It’s not until we are sitting in our seats and the background music is playing that I turn to him and say… Are we seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?  With a big grin he says yep!!

Well, with that long drawn out explanation comes the reason for this blog post.  Brian has made it an annual tradition that we go, by white stretch limo to see the TSO.  For the last few years we have taken along some friends to introduce them to this fantastic group, and never has anyone been disappointed.  This year we introduced my long time girl friend Michelle and her daughter Angie to see the show.

Meet Michelle & Angie.

Michelle & Angie

Meet the man who pulls all this together, my husband, Brian.

Brian, my hero 🙂

And here is some video I took of the finally of the show.  Each year it gets bigger and better!

If you ever get the chance to go, DO IT, you won’t regret going and who knows you may make it an annual tradition too.

Happy New Year everyone, stay safe,



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