An Evening At the Auction

or, How I Spent My Evening & Money!

I’ve been to a few auctions before, maybe  3 or 4 so I’m no auction aficionado by any means but I do enjoy thrill of the hunt, and I suppose I do get caught up in the excitement.  Well, that’s what the topic of last nights adventures is all about.

You see, it all began when Tikki, the lady that owns the store beside me, asked if I wanted to join her at an auction.  I of course jumped at the chance.  I asked my husband Brian if he wanted to join us, he said “sure why not, it’ll be fun”.  Now, keep in mind I don’t need anything nor was I looking for anything to buy, but ya never know what you’ll find and hey, isn’t that what auctions are all about?

So we go into the auction house and have a peek around and I spy an old treadle Singer sewing machine 🙂  I remember playing with the one that my Mom owns and I’ve always wanted one.  So now the excitement is starting to kick in.  Then I see this little, I don’t know what ya’d call it, it’s like a small settee, mini fainting couch, or just 1/2 of a love seat that’s missing an arm.  Oooh, I want that too.  Well, I could go on and on about what I saw, but let’s do it in pictures.

The first item to come up for auction is a baby gate.  Well, we NEED a baby gate.  No we don’t have any babies but we do have a obstinate bunny who enjoys running up the stairs an hiding under our king size bed.  It’s not easy to extricate a bunny from under a bed when he just doesn’t want to come out.  So I’m all set with my bidder number and the fight for the baby gate is on!!!  I win!  I’ve just made my first buy and a great bargain it was, I paid $7.00 for the bunny barricade (sorry no picture, but I’m sure you know what a baby gate looks like).  Have you seen how much they want for baby gates in the stores… Well, now I’ve just saved myself around $100!!! I’m on a roll 🙂

Next is this cute little 1/ 2 table & lamp.

1/2 table & Lamp

My husband was pleased with the table, but I’m not so sure about the lamp.  I don’t know, lately I’ve been on a lamp kick.  I’ve got no place to put them, but I have to have them.  It all started with the lamp I got a a thrift shop that I used in the Halloween Victorian Window Display I did for the store last year.  Since then I’ve collected more and they just sit downstairs, but I gotta have ’em!

Now the auction house is very small and very crowded.  The auctioneer has 3 people in 3 different areas showing off the goods, one being a little old lady who you can barely make out in the crowd.  Now the little old lady has made her way towards the chairs and in particular to the Settee that I’ve got my eye on.  Ok, I’ll admit that I’m confused and excited at this point, but Tikki, great help that she was, wasn’t at this point.  Are ya reading this Tikki, I’m blaming this one on YOU 🙂  Anyway, Tikki comes over and says isn’t that the chair you want? so up goes my bidder card and this is what I bought.

I've no clue what this is!!

I’ve no idea what it is but it only cost $5.00 and it is Rubbermaid so what the heck and surprisingly, it is kinda comfortable to sit on 🙂 … Thanks Tikki 🙂  I guess this is what you’d call a “conversation piece” now.  Hmmm, maybe a lamp would look good on it 🙂

So, Tikki giggles at me and Now, the chair I want comes up… or at least we thought so… This was my next $5.00 buy.

Good Sturdy Chair

That’s ok, at least I know what this one is, and you can never have too many chairs… right?

Well, next is the chair that I actually wanted.  It went for a little more than I was willing to pay for it… after all it already cost me $10!  So, no whatchamacallit fainting couch in our house.

Now, I’ve gotta take a bit of a break.  I walk back to where Brian and Tikki are, huddled in the back corner, giggling at me.  I’m having the time of my life and shaking enough to cause a minor earthquake, which makes them laugh even more.

Next the sewing machine comes up.  I’ve got a strategy for this one.  I tell Brian he has to bid on it for me.  You see while I was looking it over, I noticed that the spindle bobbin was missing from the shuttle, but then I spotted it in the bottom of the case.  I also noticed a lady hovered over my shoulder looking very intently at what I was looking at.  So now the action starts…  $150, 100, 75… I had told Brian what my maximum bid was, so he’s holding out.  $50, 30, 20.  Brian bids, I hold my breath… $25, 25, 25…. SOLD $20 to bidder # 35!!!  Yep, that’s me 🙂 and here she is.

Treadle Singer Sewing Machine... Mine ALL MINE 🙂

That’s my kitten Cleopatra checking out my deal of the century.  There’s lots of good junk in the drawers that I’ve gotta look through yet.  By the way, the Scotty dog dish that is full of cat food was also bought at an auction about 20 years ago… we still love it, and the cat seems to appreciate it too, or maybe it’s just the food inside it.

So, Brian is happy because I’m happy and off he goes to huddle in the corner with Tikki again.

Next up for bids, a TV… no takers… the price comes down to $5 and up goes my bidding card.  Here she is.


 Well, now Tikki comes over, giggling again and says “Brian just said who would want an old tube tv these days”… well, apparently ME 🙂  The tv in our bedroom is on it’s last legs and it quite a bit smaller.  I can’t read the tv channel channel while comfortably laying in bed, so I figured a $5 TV was cheaper than new glasses!!  So now I figure I’ve saved another $500 bucks or so.  Savvy Shopper eh?

I think it was at this point where the auctioneer said something like “I don’t know your name, or where you came from, but if you can’t make it next week, I’ll send Bill to pick you up.”  😉

Brian seems to be sticking a little closer to me now as I walk over to a couple of old floor lamps.  As I lift one to feel the weight, Brian says, ” Oh, those are crap.”  I guess I like crap, cheap crap.  Got em both for $2

My old crappy floor lamps 🙂

 Don’t laugh, I really do like them 🙂  I’ll clean them up and rewire them just to be safe.  Besides, I already told you about my lamp fixation.

Now I also spotted these chairs and yes, I did want these ones.

Tall ladder back chairs

I don’t care what you think, I liked em, I wanted em, and I got em 🙂

Then don’t ask me why but I also bought this for $2.

Blue Vase, or Margarita Glass

The auctioneer called over “Is that your husband behind you?  I hope he doesn’t get jealous when I send you a big Christmas present this year.”

At this point I thought I’d better get myself outta there, so I went to pay my bill while Tikki and Brian piled all the stuff into the truck… thank goodness Tikki has a truck!  Well, the bill hasn’t been completed yet, so I go out just to watch.  Well, yep, you guessed it I bought something else.  There were a couple of little tables that I thought would be perfect to use in the store as displayers with a bit of fabric thrown over them, I mean how could I resist.  The bidding went down to $2.00 each, then it was $2.00 for the pair, so now they are in the store, ugly as sin but they are mine 🙂

I know that the stuff I bought isn’t valuable but I don’t buy on the off chance that I’m gonna find a Rembrandt, although I must admit that that would be a huge bonus, I buy because I love the item.  Isn’t that the point, to surround yourself with people and things that make you happy?

I figure it this way.  For a whopping total of $100.07 I had a great night out with my husband and my friend.  I got a few goodies along the way and I didn’t only make myself happy, but I gave a few folks a good giggle, and I think I’ve got a new friend who happens to be an auctioneer 🙂

I don’t have any plans on going to another auction any time soon, but if I do, I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the silly details.




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4 responses to “An Evening At the Auction

  1. Well, that is a unique stash of stuff for sure! We go to auction practically every Friday…same one for 18 years…love it and the people there…always an adventure!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog!


    • Apparently this guy has an auction every Friday night too. I don’t think I’ll be going, I can’t afford to have that much fun every week 🙂 Thanks for having a look at my treasures, I’ve still gotta find a place for them to live in the house yet, but I guess that’s part of the fun too.



  2. Sherry, I loved your description, but I kept getting confused and thinking it was ME talking–the whole adventure just sounded so much like me.

    I was hoping you were nearby so I could find out where next week’s auction is, but when the word “Ontario” caught my eye, I gave up on that idea, since I’m in Houston, Texas. We don’t have many auction around here–weird, considering what a huge metropolis this is–and I am always on the lookout for one. I have NEVER seen one with prices like you describe.

    Now, I can’t remember how I got here, but I’m off to try to figure out how to subscribe to your blog. Thanks for a fun read!



    • I’m really glad you enjoyed my adventure as much as I did Jayni 🙂 and I’m really thankful that you took the time to comment 🙂 It takes me quite a while to write these silly little (or maybe not so little) posts and I often wonder if I’m just talking to myself. Thanks to you now I know I’m, for the most part, not! I hope you figured out how to subscribe so that you can join me on my next outing, sorry you couldn’t make it in person.

      Take care,