My new present :)

So at about 3 o’clockish yesterday, my husband, Brian, stops by the store and says he’s got a present for me, and if the store is quiet, shut it down and come home at 4 for my gift .  He’s always giving me presents whether it’s an unusual little plant that he sees at the grocery store, a new magazine that he knows I’ll like or this store for instance.  Yep, if you’ve not read my ‘about Sherry’s on Main’ page, this store was a gift from my husband.  I know, I’m spoiled and I LOVE IT 🙂

Anyway, I’m here at the store and he phones me at 3:30 and says your present is here, come home now!  I said “Oooh, it must be a good one” and he says, “yep, I think so.”  So I stick a note on the door, and go home.  I walk in the front door and from the foyer I see him sitting on the kitchen floor.  I asked him what he was up to and he said “No Good!  Look in the dining room for your present.”  I go around the corner, and there she is.  The cutest little ball of black fur with blue eyes.  Yep,  Brian got me a baby kitty! 🙂  She was immediately dubbed F2, but thinking of all the things people will substitute, I think I’ll come up with a better name.

We lost our last kitty December 14, 2009.  She was with us for 18 1/2 years and I still miss her to this day.  Her name was Frankenstein, there’s a story behind her name, if you have ever seen the British sitcom Red Dwarf you will probably know where her name came from.  Anyway, it took and is still taking forever to get over the loss of Frankenstein and no, we never called her Frankie always Frankenstein.

For the last little while I’ve been thinking it’s about time to bring a new cuddly critter home, and I guess Brian’s been warming up to the idea too.  Our new little kitty is not a replacement for Frankenstein, but an addition to our home that we will both love for another 18 or hopefully more years.  She is 5 1/2 weeks old, which makes her birthday somewhere around Easter.  She’s totally black and has blue eyes, but apparently that will change as she gets older.  Frankenstein was all black except for a little touch of white on her chest that we called her tuxedo.

We do have a white rabbit, but he is far from cuddly.  All I’ve got to do to get him to go in his home is tell him that I’m gonna cuddle him, and off he goes to his sanctuary, away from me!  Yesterday, we let Bunny (no he doesn’t have an official name but a collection of quite a few names) out so he could have his runabout and use his litter box.  Well, I can tell you, he knew something was up and boy was his nose out of joint!!  As Bunny was about to hid behind the chair in the living room and then run into the dining room (a new game he’s discovered, chase the bunny) F2 came sauntering out of the dining room.  She scared the Bunny half to death!!!  He ran away, lickady split and hid behind his bunny house and started thumping!!  Here’s this little black ball of fur barely 1/4 of Bunny’s size (even though he is a dwarf) and he’s afraid of her!!  It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!  I’m sure in time he will get used to her and they will become great friends.

After Brian went to work last night, F1 and I sat in the rocking chair and she promptly fell asleep in my arms.  Then she woke up and wanted to play a bit, so she pulled, tugged and nibbled on my shirt and my thumb.  I forgot how sharp little kitty nails and teeth were! Then she fell asleep in my arms again 🙂  When it was time for me to hit the sack, I made her a little bed out of a blanket and put her in it.  She meowed a few times then all was quiet.  3:30 am comes and even though there is no noise downstairs, I just had to go and check on her.  She was fine of course, but I had to check.  So as to not annoy the Bunny too much I let him have a short runabout too.  I woke up again at 7:30 to some meowing, and not realizing that she was just saying good morning to Brian (he had just gotten home from work) I run downstairs and of course all is fine.  She had herself a good breakfast and then went and curled up in her bed.  Then it was time for me to come to the store.

Since I keep my camera here at the store, I’ll take it home tonight and post some pics of her tomorrow.

I just love presents… squeee!!!

Edit:  I just wanted to let you all know that she has a name of her very own.  It’s Cleopatra 🙂



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