Just a quick note to let you know that I”ll be closing the store early today, around 2:30ish.

I’ve managed to get myself mixed up in a MURDER!!!  Actually there are 7 of us involved in this mess.

Seems there’s been a “Murder at the Legion” and all the usual suspects are being lined up to find out whodunit 🙂

My husband Brian, myself and 5 others are involved in this nefarious little deed and it’s been a laugh riot the entire time 🙂  We’ve been in rehearsals for the last couple of months and tonight is the night we all get to find out who the murderer is!  Even us actors won’t know until the end of the play.

We are proud to say that this is our first performance of the Legion Players and our dinner theater evening is SOLD OUT!!  and we still have people wanting tickets 🙂  If all goes well, we may perform this play at other legions around the area and it looks as though this may become an annual event!

See you later… hopefully 🙂

Sherry AKA Dora Petralunga


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