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I’m taking an Orchid In-Vitro Propagation Course!

I was lucky enough to meet a gentleman who is an internationally renowned Orchid Specialist.  He’s traveled to Peru 3 times for the conservation of endangered orchid species.  He is offering a course in Orchid Propagation and I jumped at the chance to take it.

Why am I telling you this?  Well for 2 reasons really, first, I’m just so excited to take the course and second, to let you know that the course is held on Saturday mornings.  This means that Sherry’s on Main will be closed until the afternoon on Saturdays until June 4th.  My husband will open the store for me every other Saturday.  You are asking yourself “why wouldn’t he open it every Saturday for her”?  Well, he works 12 hour night shifts and I’m not going to ask him to open the store for me after he’s worked all night just so I can go out and have fun.  That’s why.

The course starts this Saturday April 16, so the store will not be open until the afternoon.   Next Saturday the 23rd I will be OPEN my REGULAR HOURS.  Due to the Easter weekend, the course is cancelled so I’ll be here as usual.  If you want to drop by the shop on a Saturday I’d suggest you call first to make sure someone is here.  I don’t want you to make a trip to town and find the store closed.  So jot down this number 519-323-0251 that’s the number here atSherry’s on Main. 

Just in Time for Easter!

Introducing the best chocolate you’ve ever treated your mouth to!  Starting Tuesday April 19 we will be carrying Chocolate Barr’s Candies from Stratford Ontario!!  Derek Barr has been making candies and chocolate for over 10 years and now you can get these wonderful handmade chocolates and candies here at Sherry’s on Main!

Our lineup will include Mintie Gift Box, Assorted Chocolates Gift Box, Assorted Creams Gift Box, Cashew Brittle, Peanut Brittle and more!

So if you’ve been salivating for some handcrafted Stratford chocolates they are available exclusively here at Sherry’s on Main.

Well, that’s all for now, have a great weekend,




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  2. Nice work sherry a real love of what you do.