Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles, Day, um idunno

Ok, so you probably think that I either got board with the whole corn plant think or I managed to kill it… well… nope 🙂  I’ve been hugely busy at the store and just haven’t had the time to post.  I guess when the sun comes out so does the shoppers, and I’ve had a huge run on custom gift basket orders to get done!  Then, on saturday I took it upon myself to move the entire store around including the candy counter and the cash wrap desk.  Man those suckers are HEAVY! especially when you do it alone on a lumpy hardwood floor.  Ah well, enough with the excuses here’s what you missed.

The stalk has grown to an incredible 2 feet long! and yep, she’s in full bloom now!!!!!!!  The scent in the house is just incredible.  I wish I could find a fragrance oil to make my candles with in that scent.  Any way here are some pictures for you.

2 ft. corn plant inflo. in full bloom

blooming inflo. View from the top

Because the inflo. has curled itself downwards, I’ve taken another view of it looking up.

blooming inflo. looking up

Here are a couple of fantastic close ups of the blooms 🙂

close up #1

extreme close up 🙂

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  I think that in it’s native habitat it must be pollinated in the evening and night because during the day the blooms close up then they start to open again around 5pm ish or so.  It just makes me smile, and I hope you enjoyed the show.  after all is said and done I’ll have to clean up the sticky sap that drips from it and vacuum up hundreds of tiny flowers.  I’ll continue to let you know of any new developments or changes.





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