Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles, Day 5

Sorry, I’m late posting today.  Had a great day with my husband Brian.  He was in a dart tournament with some friends at our local legion.  The guys came in 3rd place.  They kicked butt the entire day losing only one game… until the finals.  Then they kinda lost it.  But at least they did come in 3rd!!!  Yay guys 🙂

Anyway not much of an excuse for not posting earlier but that’s the best I’ve got 🙂  So on with the show.

Here’s yesterday’s pic.

Inflo. day 4




And today’s pic.  You can see how much more it is leaning towards the window.  I remembered to measure it today and it’s just a touch over 13 inches now.  No fragrance yet, but it’ll sure be worth the wait 🙂

Inflo. day 5









Here’s yesterdays view from the top.

Inflo. day 3, view from the top






And todays.

Inflo. day 5, view from the top











Sorry, no blurry close ups today.  I have to use the tripod to get decent pictures of it now, and I can’t seem to get the camera close enough to get decent, or at least better shots than I got before.  Surprisingly using a tripod on the stairs isn’t as easy as it seems it should be :0

Well, better late than never and see you tomorrow.



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