Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles, Day 4

Ok for day 4 of our corn plant, I must apologize for the really bad pictures.  I’m not sure what I was doing or thinking, but ugh, these really are horrible photos.  Ah well, here goes anyway.

These are the day 3 pics, where she seems to be turning towards the camera.

Inflo. day 3



Today’s pic shows her starting to lean towards the window.

Inflo. day 4

Here is yesterdays view from the top

Inflo. day 3, view from the top






and today’s view from the top

Inflo. day 4 view from the top

And here, to make you go cross eyed, is another bad close up picture.

close up of buds

Again, apologize to everyone who is looking at this.  I’m really befuddled as to what I was doing, or not doing.  I even forgot to measure the length of the stalk.  Well hopefully I can get my poop in a group and give you better pictures tomorrow.

Until then, thanks for looking



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