Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles, Day 2

Here we are on day 2 of our Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles.  I took these 2 pictures yesterday evening at about 5:30.


Inflo. day 2


Inflo. day to view from above

These pictures were taken from the same angle as yesterday, you may notice that the stalk has gotten longer and it is starting to turn away from the camera.  You can also notice some very sticky sap is starting to form.  It never dawned on me until now, but I guess I should also be measuring the length of the stalk as it grows.

From the top view, what I’d call the caylix are starting to open and the tiny flowers are starting to show 🙂

Until tomorrow, stay warm,




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2 responses to “Blooming Corn Plant Chronicles, Day 2

  1. Kat Cameron

    Hey Sherry!
    I looked up your plant. I knew it was a dracaena but found out it is a dracaena fragans (Cornstalk plant)It is native to tropical Africa and grows in upland regions at 600 to 2250 M altitude. (Mount Forest IS after all, HIGH, happy and healthy!) It also said that with each subsequent flowering the plant will branch and produce 2 or more new stems. It’s fruit is an orange-red berry containing several seeds. They grow it as a hedge plant in Africa. Oh and by the way it reaches heights of 15 metres PLUS! Thinking of installing a skylight any time soon?


    • Yep, I know, and it would have been really easy to look it up by just clicking the link that I put on my page 🙂 The last time it flowered it didn’t branch but we’ll have to see what it does this time. Of course I didn’t get any berries because I didn’t have any bugs in the house to pollinate it and it looks like with the cold we’ve got, no bugs in the future either! No plans for a skylight so far… but who knows, I’ve done weirder things for my plants 🙂