Good News, Bad News

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Well, I’ll start off with the Good News first 🙂

As some of you may know my husband and I took up curling for the first time this winter.  We had no idea how the game was played but had a good time doing it.  Our curling arena has three draws a season.  That means three times during the curling season you are put together with different people to make up a team.  At the end of the draw there are the playoff that determine the winners… duh 🙂

Well in our first draw, with no clue but a lot of fun our team placed second last!!!  We were quite excited about that because we weren’t dead last!!  Now keep in mind there is a team of 4 players and most of the folks at our curling club have played for 30 or more years… these people are GOOD.  Naturally Brian and I feel as though any team that gets us as players are playing with only 1/2 a team, so as I said we felt pretty darn good about ourselves and especially our team mates, Lloyd and Val, who took us there.

Well, last night was the playoffs for the second draw.  Our team started off with 4 players but a little less than 1/2 way through the draw our Skip, Shawn, had to drop out.  So now our Second, Glenna, had to become our Skip and we were playing with only 3 players.  We felt badly for Glenna because now she is basically playing by herself with two dead weights on the team, and I’m not talking about the 42 lb. rocks.  Well, I guess we’ve been picking up a little more knowledge of the game and dare I say some skill??  Seems after our Skip left us we won every single game, and not by just a little bit either.  We had one game that we only played 6 ends because we beat the other team so soundly that the last two ends were conceded by the other team… kinda like a mercy rule.  Now please don’t think I’m gloating or that I’m putting Shawn down by any way because, you see, we were genuinely shocked.

Last night during the playoff  “ceremonies” we took 3rd place!!!  I think that even Glenna was surprised.  They called the first place team and everyone cheered and jeered, they called the second place team and again everyone cheered and jeered (all in good fun of course) then the called the third place team and Glenna looked at us and said ” That’s us!”  and again everyone cheered and jeered!!  So, we are rather pleased with ourselves 🙂  Nope, we won’t be joining the Olympic Curling Team any time soon, but the game is so much funner (yeah, I know that’s not a word) when you can actually throw a rock where the Skip wants it to be and you have a little further grasp of the game.  And ya know, I never said “Stupid ^*%& Game” once last night!

We still have one more draw before the end of the season, and we may just end up at the back of the pack and be dead last.  We still have a ton to learn about the game and it may just be that Glenna took us to 3rd place by herself, but in the meantime we are going to enjoy it and continue to have fun.  Yea Us!!

Now for the Bad News 😦

Yesterday I wrote about our beautiful weather.  The sun was shining, the snow was melting, I had re-arranged some of the shelves in the store and I even made some tissue paper flowers and pompoms to brighten up the store.

Tissue Paper Pompoms

This morning this is what the front of my store looked like at 9:30.

Blech, I want the spring like weather back

And this doesn’t even show the real amount of snow we actually got because the main street side walks had been plowed at some point last night or early this morning.  Unfortunately the side street side walks hadn’t been plowed and this is what I looked like when I walked in the store.

Me from the knees down... blech

As I sit here writing this now, the roads are closed, it’s bitterly cold, the wind is making things even worse and yep, it’s still snowing.

Still snowing and tissue paper pompom looks very much out of place

If things keep up like this, I’ll be leaving the store at 4 pm.  I don’t imagine I’ll miss many sales since nobody can get to town

Well, that’s about all I’ve got to say for now.

Stay safe and stay warm,



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