Oooh I’m Motivated… I Love me some Sunshine.

Update:  July 27/16.  These items are sold (except for the candles and bath and body products)… NO LONGER AVAILABLE… Sorry.

OOOh this fabulous weather makes me feel sooooo gooood!!  I absolutely love sunshine.  I sometimes wonder if I’m cold blooded like a snake.  I need the heat from the sun to get me moving.  So since I’ve had a little more energy the last couple of days I’ve re-arranged some of the shelves in the store.  Here’s a few pics.

Assorted Jewelry pieces from various artisans

Creative China Decorating, Ceramics by Darlene and other artisans

Fabulous Pottery by Karin Seelen

Karen does some wonderful pottery and it sells like crazy.  For 8 years I’ve been asking her to make mugs and finally she did some as you can see above.  She called the other day to let me know that she’s also making tea pots!  I’m excited and can’t wait to get them in the store.  She also will be making some blanks of plates and mugs that you can decorate yourself.  When I get them in you can be sure that I’ll announce it to all.  I can just see it now.  Dad bringing in the kiddies to decorate a mug especially for mom on mother’s day.  How cool will that be.  Stay tuned I’ll post as soon as they are available with all the details.

Parson House Soap & Candle Co.

This is my own line of Goat’s Milk Soap and Soy Wax candles.  My soap can be purchased by the slice or you can purchase a whole log.  Logs are great if you’d like to slice them yourself to give as gifts for the holidays or as a unique “shower” favor or just to have lots of your favorite fragrance on hand.  I also private label both my soaps and candles.  If you’d like more info just contact me by phone or email.

Parson House Soap & Candle Co. Shabby Chic Paris Collection

I’m still in my Shabby Chic mood and this is an addition to both my Paris Collection and my Parson House Soap & Candle Co.  These altered bottles are filled with wonderful bath salts.  The labels on the bottles are vintage victorian prints with french writing that describes the fragrance.  They pair wonderfully with my Paris Collection gift bags and a bar of our soap, or they are pretty enough to stand alone.

As always everything you see here is for sale.  You can stop by the shop at 157 Main St. N. Mount Forest or order online here.  I accept PayPal for online shopping to make things run smoothly.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine,



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