Check out the ‘STASH

Finally, my camera’s batteries were working at the perfect “kodak” moment.

My husband came to the store to see me today, and I got a bit of a shock when he came in.  You see, Brian for the last couple of years has had a goatee.  He grew it for a role he had as Lord Blackthorn’s Herald, Brian de Mont-Forest, at one of our Crusaders Feasts put on by Blackthorn Productions.  I think he’s pretty darn good looking.

My man and his Goat
My man and his Goat

Well, he walked in today and had shaved off the part where it is going grey, and now he looks like a 70’s porn star!!


My man the 70's porn star

Now I hope you all appreciate the trouble it took to get this photo.  He doesn’t like his picture taken at the best of times.  When I told him I wanted a picture so I could blog about him he absolutely refused.  After wearing him down and a bribe of $40.00 this is the only quick snap I could get.

He is going to shorten the stash, and it’ll be much better and I still think he’s pretty darn good looking 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed I still get some Christmas presents this year!!


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