It’s Been Ages Since I Last Posted, so Here’s What I’ve Been Up To…

Seems the hurrier I go the behinder I get!!  But I have been doing stuff.

My last post was my after I got my Christmas tree up (side down), then I decorated the window.  Sorry no pic yet.  I forgot while I was taking this last bunch and it’s too cold and rainy to go and do it now… Ok, I know that’s kinda pathetic, but oh well :p  Here are the pics I do have.

Pretty in Pink Ballerinas $5.99

Eiffel Tower Gift Bag $5.99

Queen Crown Gift Bag $5.99

My Shabby Chic Paris Gift Bags are selling well, so I’ve made a few more of them.

Baby Bonnet Hankie with Poem $12.99

I’ve been busy making a new batch of Baby Bonnet Hankies.  These are the cutest little things for a baby shower gift, a baby bonnet made from an handkerchief that can be used when baby grows up and gets married as a wedding hankie.  I make them from muslin or cotton, lace and ribbon.  When I have it I use vintage lace and ribbon.  This particular one shown has vintage battenburg lace on it.   The poem tells about how it goes from a baby bonnet to a wedding hankie, sure to bring a little tear of  joy to mom’s eye.


JOY Christmas Letters $9.99

Speaking of JOY…  I got my hands on these wood letters then wondered what I could do with them.  Well I got out the mod podge, an old book and some embellishments and this is what came out of it.  I kinda like em, what do you think??

My husband picked up some antique bottles for me.  I plan on doing stuff to them, but you’ll have to wait to see what.  But before I start to do stuff, I thought I’d better do some research on them… not as easy as it sounds.  From what I have learned so far is that most are made by Diamond Glass Co, Montreal Quebec circa 1891 – 1913, that changed to Dominion Glass Company Montreal, Quebec 1913 – ??, but I’m not 100% sure.  I don’t want to make a $200 bottle worth $10, that’s just dumb.  Here are just a few pics.  If you know what these bottles are or what they may be worth, let me know, or if you’d like to purchase one or two make an offer 🙂

Antique/Vintage bottles

Soda bottle (Mason Beverage Ltd. Preston Ont), brown bottle a couple of blueish bottles and I’d really like to know about the one in the center.  I just love that one!!

Antique/Vintage Bottles

Baby Nursers, or one lady said she remembers using them to nurse lambs and calfs, a clear old bottle in the middle and 2 small blueish bottles.

Antique/Vintage Bottle and Ink Wells SOLD

Brown apothecary (?) bottle, I’m keeping that one, and blueish coloured ink wells.  The darker blue one on the left has embossed Lepages Mucilage Canada.

These next 2 I have found info and prices on them.


Baby Nurser $24.00

Baby Nurser Bottle  (more info coming soon)


Dr S. N. Thomas Eclectric Oil $25.00 SOLD

Northrop & Lyman Co Limited











Dr S. N. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil

This bottle measures 5 1/8″ in height. The sides of the bottle are embossed with “Internal” and “External” on the other side. The face of the bottle is embossed with “Dr S. N. Thomas Eclectric Oil”. The opposite side is embossed with “Northrop & Lyman Co. Limited; Toronto, Ont.”. The bottle is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil was a patented concoction that became a household name back in the 1870’s. The Proprietary or Patent Medicine Act was passed in Canada in 1908. Northrop & Lyman was a successful Canadian firm established in 1854 in Newcastle, Ontario and moving to Toronto in the mid 1870’s. A trade card for Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil stated “it will positively cure toothache in 5 minutes, earache in two minutes and deafness in two days”.

I’ve got a lot more bottles than I’ve shown here, so I’ve got a lot of research to do yet.

Well, that’s it for now, take care all,




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  1. The “joy” plaque is SO cute! Love the newspaper burnt look with the brown paint. Nice work!