The Upside Down Christmas Tree

Well, it’s the beginning of November and there was snow on the ground when I woke up this morning, so that must mean that I’ve got an upside down Christmas Tree in the store.

For those of you who don’t know the story of my Christmas tree, here it is.


My Upside Down Christmas Tree

When I opened the store in December of 2002, I of course put up a Christmas tree as part of my Christmas décor.  Well what I didn’t know at the time was that when the hardwood floors get wet from snow and slush, they heave.  As a consequence the tree fell over.  It ended up that I had to take down the tree long before Christmas even came.  I was rather upset about it, but what else could I do?  Ornaments were being broken, it took extra work to fix the tree and clean up, and I certainly didn’t want it to fall ON somebody.

So since I’m the kind of person who obsesses over the little things, I wondered what I could do to have a SAFE Christmas tree in the store.  I puzzled and puzzed until my puzzler was sore.  Then I had that eureka moment.  I’ll hang the tree 🙂 .  But wait, that won’t work, the top of the tree is removable… hmmm… what to do?  Ah ha… I’ll hang it upside down!!  So my husband and I got the poor tree out and tried it.  Nope, that just looks weird the branches are all going the wrong directions 😦 .  Then another Ah ha.  Flip the branches around.  So Brian and I turn all the branches in the other direction, wired on the top portion and there you have it, an upside down Christmas tree.

As an extra bonus, the ornaments hang away from the branches and show better and sell quite well.  Folks come in from all over just to see the tree.  I’ve even had men come in.  They’ve been told about it at work and just had to see it!

A few years after I had started doing this, it became all the rage to have an Upside Down Tree.  All the big stores were selling these “specialty” trees for upwards of a thousand dollars!!  But now you know how to do it on the cheap.

That’s why at this time of year I call my shop the “Home of the Original Upside Down Christmas Tree”

And now you know the rest of the story.




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  4. Oh my goodness!!! That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want one of those for over my Kitchen table! Sherry that is fabulous! xo Have a great rest of the week! P.S. – I am a brand new First Time Aunt! Was with my sister over the weekend, we had a Baby Girl! Annistyn Paige ~ I am on Cloud 9 ~


    • Hi Sherri,Congratulations!!!Now you get to spoil her for Christmas! I’m glad you enjoyed the treeit’s easy enough to do so go for it!! Sherry

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