My last day off

Until Christmas Eve. I’ll be open 7 days a week at the store until Christmas Eve and from previous experience I’ll be pooped big time by the end of it.
I’ll be pulling down the Halloween decorations, putting up the tree and other Christmas decorations in the store and changing the cd’s to Christmas music. All that will keep me away from my blogs and sewing machine so the next post you will see from me is my “Famous Upside Down Christmas Tree”. If you aren’t a regular at the store, I’ll explain later with pictures why I’m famous for my tree.
Well, that’s it, I’m gonna enjoy my last day off and do nothing all day!!



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2 responses to “My last day off

  1. Enjoy your last day off, and I can’t wait to see the famous Upside Down Tree! That sounds very interesting! Have a beautiful day 🙂