Meet Yorick, not just another halloween decoration.

Ok, so it’s no surprise to the folks who know my husband, Brian, and I that we are a strange couple.  We like weird stuff.  Today my husband bought a new friend and brought him down to the store to show me.  Meet Yorick.


Now you may be thinking… cool a great halloween decoration!  and yes it is a great halloween decoration, but it will also become part of our everyday decor.

As you can see from the picture, he’s not a diminutive little soul.  Yorick is BIG.  He will join the rest of the gang in our front parlour along with Nevermore, our plastic raven, the photo of Brian sitting on his ’57 Miller Meteor side loader hearse, that he drove while going to nursing school, the battle ax on the wall and the myriad other spooky and creepy things in the parlour.   Even our cat was called Frankenstein, and now that she’s gone I miss her.  I still think I see her now and again though.

One day we would love to get some really good gargoyles to put on our balcony and I do have my gargirl in the back yard.


I just love to have the ladies from the horticultural society get an eyeful of that room when they come for meeting at my house 🙂  Mwuhahahah.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you what Brian and I think is fun, especially at this time of year.

Unpleasant Dreams,




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2 responses to “Meet Yorick, not just another halloween decoration.

  1. donna robertson

    Ihave to come in and meet “poor” Yorick. What fun!!!!