The Gory Details

I’ve been having way too much fun with this halloween decorating thing the last couple of days so I’ll give you a short tour… see if you can see what’s been going Bump in the night… Mwuhahaha.


Rattle, rattle


This guy has been hanging around the pantry, I guess he needs to put some “meat on his bones”… ugh, ok that was just bad, and I can hear you groaning too, but what other explanation could there be?







Then we have these two incorporeal fellows that have popped up in a couple of our display stands.  At least they smell good, Bill has nestled himself among the Pot Pourri and although you can’ see it, Ted seems to be enjoying the Bath Bombs.  I wonder if they know how good they smell?


Skulls 3/$1.00


From what I understand these are the last known members of a small tribe of murmuring braincases (otherwise known as talking heads).  They are said to hail from the bad lands of Spooksilvania.  Or they could just be Bill & Ted’s smaller cousins.  You decide 🙂  I just call them skulls.

In my last post, there was some speculation as to how Uncle John met his (untimely?) end.  Well the speculation continues.  This is a closer look at the bottle that has been suspected of the ill doing.


Need we say More?



A Closer Look


But while doing a little fall fouling of the Family Crypt, we came upon this item for your perusal.


Dr. Oddbody’s Elixer



A Close-up



Precautions & Dr. Oddbody’s Address



Skull Match Boxes .89 ea



Jack O’ Lantern All Day Suckers $2.99 ea.


These yummy suckers are 4″ wide by 5″ tall and are 140 g of sugary goodness.  How’s that for sweet for ya?


Read the continuing story of Uncle John

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