My Jewelry Displays… How To

Well, since I lost my glue, then found it again, I thought I’d show you how I made my jewelry displays.  FYI there are a lot of pictures… I hope they help my explanations 🙂

My Handmade Jewelry Displays

Since this is my first tutorial, I’m gonna start with the earring display.

Earring Display

These are the supplies you need.  A cutting mat, foam core, pencil, ruler, utility knife, hole punch, fabric (I used cheap polar fleece) and of course I forgot to include in the photo the GLUE and a pair of scissors.


Cut the foam core to approx 2″ wide by 6″ long.  About 1 1/2 inches from one end score the foam core, then again about 1/4″ above that.  DO NOT cut all the way through both sides.  Keep the front side paper intact.  Snap both score lines and remove the foam from the foam core.

foam removed about 1 1/2" from one end

Turn the foam core over to the “front” side and make 5 score lines every 1/2 centimeter from on the opposite end. (sorry for flipping from imperial to metric)  Snap each score line.  This will make the top portion of the earring display curved.  You can omit this part if you just want it flat.  I think it looks a little nicer, but that’s just me 🙂

scored and bent on the top "front" side of foam coreCut some fabric a little larger than that of the foam core.  Smear some tacky glue on the front side making sure that when you attach the fabric that you curl the top, otherwise the fabric will keep the foam core cuts together and you have a flat top.  Clear as mud??

showing the fabric slightly larger than the foam core

Flip over and cut notches in the fabric where the foam core is removed and trim the excess fabric from the corners.  Spread some more glue along the top curve and tuck the fabric under.  Once secure spread glue along the sides stick on the fabric.  You may have to cut off a little more excess fabric here and there, but that’s ok, just glue it down.  That’s the nice thing about tacky glue is it sticks pretty quickly 🙂  Spread more glue on the bottom and stick on the fabric and you are almost done.

sticking down the fabric to the back side of the foam core

Now stick some glue in the area where you removed the foam from the foam core at the bottom.  Tuck the top part into what is now the foot part, it won’t take long for the glue to set up.  We’re getting closer to the end!!

side view of display. glue is drying in the folded portion between the top and the foot.

Now we take the hole punch and punch a couple of holes through the whole shebang.  After I took this picture I noticed how much the white foam shows against the black of the fabric, so I just took a sharpie marker and coloured it in.  Problem solved.

Black Earring Display Completed

Add a pair of earrings and you are done.  If you want you can add a piece of fabric to the back of the display… I didn’t bother, because who’s gonna look.

Well, that’s my attempt a a tutorial.  Let me know what you think.

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