Backyard Critter Conundrum continued

Well, the little bugger is at it again.  This morning it woke my husband and I up by his tap, tap, tapping at our wall.  We sluggishly went downstairs to the patio to find him trying to take a chunk out of our back wall by the patio doors.  I stopped at the grocery store today to pick up a suet cake to hopefully stop his need to peck our house… keep your fingers crossed that it works for us.

So here I sit now at the store and figured we can’t be the only ones who have a woodpecker take a liking to their home, so I thought I’d do an internet search.  Here’s a link with some suggestions that I found from Wild Birds Unlimited, so maybe I’m on the right track with trying to feed him.

Since we have a couple of new holes we have to take care of my husband will be going to the hardware store tomorrow to get some wood putty or something to fill the holes.  I really don’t want to cover them with metal and all that other stuff cause it’ll stick out like a sore thumb on our board and batten siding.  Let’s hope that the food works.  I’d like to see him stay around but not move in.

I did take some pictures of the holes but they are on the camera still, so maybe tonight when I get home I’ll post them.

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