Backyard Critter Conundrum

My husband and I love to attract birds to our backyard.  We love to watch them play and listen to them sing.  We have scores of chickadees, goldfinches and other finches.  We feed the bluejays peanuts, well actually they have got us trained to feed them 🙂  All of the bluejays have a name… we call them all Bob, except 2, there is Stumpy Bob who is missing a foot and Bald Bob who, of course, has a really weird bald head for some reason.  And we have a pair of Cardinals that come by to visit much to rarely, but they are beautiful to see and to listen to.

This is one of our Bobs enjoying a peanutty snack

Since we are feeding the birds black oil sunflower seeds and peanuts we also get squirrels.  Both black and grey.  There is nothing funnier than to watch a black squirrel and a grey squirrel fight!!  Now of course we have tried discourage the squirrels from raiding the seed feeder by getting a “Squirrel Buster” seed feeder… it doesn’t work.  And of course since we aren’t all that bright and its fun, we try to hand feed them the peanuts… which of course brings them around all the more!!  So we are fighting a battle that we are willing to lose.

A black squirrel on our fence... probably after gorging himself on our sunflower seeds!

Now I really didn’t think there was much to write about our backyard critters, it was just something that my husband and I enjoy… until this morning…

So this morning I wake up and go down to the living room and I hear this tapping on the wall… can’t figure out where it’s coming from.   I mute the TV and listen…  hmmm, seems to be coming from the wall behind me… nothing inside… what could it be?  I go outside on the back deck and I can still hear it.  I quietly creep around the side of the house… and there’s the culprit!!!  We’ve got a Downy Woodpecker pecking a hole in the side of our house!!!  Our house is 130+ years old with a board and batten addition on the back.  This little bugger has chosen a knot hole to start making a room for himself!!!  I’d say that the hole is about the size of a quarter and ya know it’s only gonna get bigger!!  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to tell this little guy that we aren’t taking in any tenants?!

I don’t have any photos of our new guest but I will post picks of him and his progress, or hopefully, lack there of if I catch him in the act again.

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