Bath Bombs + Humidity = Oh What A Mess

I have to make 150 Bath Bombs for a customers daughters wedding in September, so I gotta get these things done.  So Monday I think, ok today is a good day to make some Bath Bombs… well, the rain showed up, then the humidity followed.  Well I had made quite a few of these little buggers and didn’t the humid air make the outsides start to fizzle.  Now it’s just on the outside mind you, and they will still work in the tub, but oh god are they ugly!!  They look like they have leprosy.  So if you are in the market for a few Northern Blueberry Scented Heart Shaped Bath Bombs that look leprous, give me a call 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bath Bombs + Humidity = Oh What A Mess

  1. Kathy loved these bath bombs and said her skin was so soft and silky. I would love to get some more.


    1. I”m glad she enjoyed them. I have them in the store all the time. The fragrances are always changing so it’s a new experience all the time.


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