Side walks Coming Soon

Well, today they are putting in the curbs.  They could have done it yesterday, but no, it was much too nice out for the construction guys to work.  So, once again, when we were told that the curbs were going to be put in on Monday , it didn’t happen until Tuesday!!  They have just pasted my store front  and are working their way up the street.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much at least they are being done.  But, wouldn’t you know it, it was a beautiful day yesterday, today it is cold and windy and you can feel the dampness coming in and then of course, it is supposed to rain and thunder storm tomorrow.  So if everything goes to form, that means there will be no work done tomorrow either.

I’m just sooooo sick of this construction.  It seems that the longer it goes the more our customers are getting frustrated (and I can’t blame them) and we see fewer and fewer people each day.  We still have a month of construction to go too… if they are on schedule.

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