Weather Related Construction

Well, it was raining on Friday.  I guess our construction guys are made of sugar and didn’t want to melt.  Nobody showed up to do any work.  Now as far as I see it, since they didn’t start work on Monday like they were supposed to, they didn’t start any work on Tuesday until the afternoon and they took Friday off, we are now in the first week 2 1/2 days behind schedule.  And if that wasn’t enough, we (the store owners) were told that there would be a walkway put in from one side of the street to the other, so our customers could get across to and from the only parking available.  That didn’t happen either.  All we have now is a large mud hole to look at.

The weather outlook for next week isn’t all that great, we got snow on Friday night, and they are calling for more snow on Monday and in through the rest of the week.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that its not going too be to bad.  We need to get this construction finished ASAP.

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