Construction has started:(

Well, our infamous main street construction has finally started for this year… a day and half behind schedule already.  They were supposed to start the construction (destruction) on Monday March 30… nobody showed up.  Tuesday comes and they can’t get their biggest machine to work.  The have crews crawling all over the thing to make it work.  Now I’m no construction worker, but you would think that all of your equipment would be in good condition BEFORE you start work.  Nope not this bunch of mental giants.  It’s not until late Tuesday afternoon that they get things happening… then it’s time to go home.  Hence they are already behind.

Now last year when they were doing the work on the other block of main street, we shop owners, who bye the way pay taxes to have this kinda stuff done, complained to get some signage up so that our customers would know that we are still in business and will do anything to try and keep them (our customers) happy.  Well the town counsel and construction company finally consented to getting some signs up for us, but at the same time complained about the cost of these signs.  Well today a few of the shop owner have asked where are the signs??  Why aren’t they displayed at the ends of the roads and side streets like last year??  Did I mention that this bunch were mental giants??  Get this… THEY THREW THEM OUT!!!  After all the complaints about how much it cost to have them made they threw them away because… now get this… the didn’t know who would still be in business this year!!!    Now again, I admit to not being in the construction business, but I think that a can of white spray paint would be a whole lot cheaper to white out the names of any stores no longer in business then making new signs.  Am I wrong, or do I just not know how to save a buck here or there?

As I’m typing this the machines are pulling up the asphalt and concrete.  The store is shaking and bouncing and I’ve got a splitting head ache from the noise, and later I suppose I should start dusting.

More destruction

Well enough whining for now, until next time,



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